Why You Should Consider Dental Crowns

A dentist stands in front of a patient ready to provide dental care

If you have a tooth that is damaged, decaying, or weakened, you probably have one thought in mind: hide this tooth!

Thanks to great strides made in restorative dentistry, dentists now regularly use dental crowns to preserve your tooth and improve the appearance of your smile.

At PK Cosmetic and Family Dentistry of Sterling, Virginia we have installed thousands of crowns over the years, so we thought we would give you a few reasons why you should consider dental crowns yourself.

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown, or cap, is a strong, customized cover for your tooth. It not only protects a cracked tooth, dental implant, or tooth that just a root canal performed on it, the dental crown also conceals cosmetic flaws and improves the appearance of your smile. They can do this because crowns are fashioned to match the exact shape and color of your tooth.

If your dentist is recommending a dental crown for you, you likely have one of the following issues:

You need a tooth repaired

Teeth endure a lot. You chew for an entire lifetime, use your teeth to do things you shouldn’t (like when you rip a plastic bag open), and generally put them through the ringer. You also try to bite down too hard on things you shouldn’t really chew, like ice cubes.

This wear-and-tear, along with decay and injury, can leave you with a tooth that’s become worn down before its time, cracked, or chipped. A crown fixes these problems by stabilizing a tooth that’s been compromised, including keeping a dental bridge stable if you have one.

You need to finish a root canal

A root canal procedure involves your dentist cleaning out decay from the canal where the root of your tooth resides. He also removes the nerves and seals it, before adding the finishing touch: a dental crown that provides further protection to that tooth and allows the tooth to be functional and look attractive again.

You’re fixing a cosmetic problem

In dentistry, a crown is an all-purpose tool used to conceal a multitude of problems, including a wide range of cosmetic imperfections. Your dentist may want to fit you with a crown to hide an implant, a tooth with a large filling or a root canal, a gap, or a discoloration.

Advantages of a dental crown

If your tooth needs protection, restoration, an improved appearance (or all three of those combined), a dental crown is versatile enough to handle all those issues. And, with proper care, they last for a very long time. Your dentist will check your crown as part of your routine care at each visit over the years.

Is a crown the right option for you?

If you think you might need a crown, meet with our expert team to see if a durable dental crown can address one or more of your dental issues. If a crown is the solution for you, tooth pain will be a thing of the past, and your smile will surely dazzle!

You can contact our office today to make an appointment by phone or with our convenient online scheduler. Our entire team looks forward to working with you!