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Mouthguards for Sports or Sleep in Sterling, VA

Mouthguards can help prevent sports-related dental injuries and protect your teeth while you sleep. If you are interested in a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect your teeth, contact us at PK Family Dentistry in Sterling, VA, at 703-421-8988.

Wearing a Mouthguard is Vital in Preventing Dental Injuries During Contact Sports

Mouthguards can help prevent many different dental injuries. A mouthguard cushions the upper teeth from blows that might otherwise cause teeth to chip or break. Guards are generally made to fit the mouth, either custom-fitted by a dentist or bought over-the-counter.

Mouthguards can be used by anyone who plays any sport, whether there is contact or not. Football, boxing, soccer, hockey, or even gymnastics or skateboarding, pose a risk of injury to the natural teeth and jaw joints. Accidents to the mouth, teeth, and jaws can occur at any time during any sporting activity. Proper protective gear can save pain, alleviate anxiety, and save you from a costly dental treatment.

Types of Mouth Guards

If you participate in any sport, the American Dental Association recommends wearing a mouthguard. Choosing the right guard is essential because you want it to fit correctly to protect your mouth. The three basic types of mouthguards include pre-made, “boil and bite,” and a custom-made mouthguard.

Stock Mouth Guards: Stock mouth protectors are pre-formed and ready to wear. Unfortunately, they are created as a one-size-fits-all and can be very uncomfortable to wear, and they can be bulky and make breathing and talking difficult. These can be found at many sporting goods stores.

Boil and Bite: These mouthguards are ready-to-wear protectors that will fit a wide range of mouth sizes. You place the mouthguard into hot water to soften it, then fit it over your teeth and bite down. Once cooled, it will harden and fit your mouth. This mouthguard is bulky because of its pre-formed shape and does not retain its exact form.

Custom Mouth Guard:  A custom mouthguard created by a dentist is the best way to ensure that your mouth is adequately protected. Custom mouthguards are made in the office by taking an impression of your mouth, and the custom mouthguard is created from the impression to ensure a precise fit and maximum protection. This mouthguard allows for optimal breathing, speaking, and comfort.

When choosing the best type of mouthguard for you, you should look for one that:

  • is sturdy and durable
  • is easy to clean
  • fits your mouth comfortably
  • covers an entire arch of teeth
  • fits comfortably over any orthodontic appliances
  • and allows you to breathe easily

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Can I wear a mouth guard if I wear braces?

If you have any fixed dental appliance, a mouthguard can help prevent a dental injury and the cost and discomfort from broken restorations or braces. In addition, a mouthguard can help protect against damage to the gum tissues, mouth, and upper and lower jaw joints. So, the answer is yes, but you will want a mouthguard that properly fits over your braces or restorations like dental implants or a partial denture.

Caring for Your Mouth Guard

To keep your mouthguard in top shape, you should:

  • Replace your mouthguard if it becomes worn or damaged and check for damage regularly.
  • Do not allow young children or pets to chew on our play with the mouthguard, which can cause it to become damaged.
  • Wash your mouthguard with lukewarm water and soap without scrubbing. Allow to dry overnight or wipe with a cloth before reinserting into the mouth.
  • Replace mouthguards after two years for children and after 12 months for adults.

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Dental injuries incurred during sports activities are treatable, but the best way to prevent additional dental costs and damage is to wear a proper mouthguard. At PK Family Dentistry, we offer a range of custom mouthguard options to fit you and your child’s teeth best.

We believe that quality dental care does not just involve treating problems after they arise but educating our patients on preventive techniques to give them the best oral health possible.