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Dental Technology at PK Cosmetics & Family Dentistry

As times have changed, so has our approach to dentistry and overall aesthetic care. At PK Cosmetics and Family Dentistry, our dental office is on the cutting edge when it comes to dental technology. We strive to keep up with the most current trends in dentistry so that our patients always receive the best possible care.

In the age of digital dentistry, we believe that staying up-to-date on the latest technologies is critical to delivering high-quality service with lasting results. Here are a few ways our dental technicians used advanced technology to provide superior dental care to our patients.

iTero® Scanner

The iTero® Scanner is a state-of-the-art digital imaging device that captures high-resolution 3D images of the tooth, gum, jaw structure, and facial structure. It allows our dental technicians to provide better diagnosis and treatment planning for patients who need dental or orthodontic appliances like Invisalign clear aligners. The iTero® Scanner produces accurate digital impressions, eliminating the need for traditional putty-based impressions of the past.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

A CBCT 3-D full mouth X-ray is a type of dental imaging technology that uses cone beam computed tomography to capture images of the entire mouth. It can provide a detailed, three-dimensional vision of not just the teeth but also adjacent soft tissues such as the gums and bones. This dental technology is especially useful for diagnosing orthodontic problems and impacted teeth, as it allows dentists to observe detailed cross-sections of tissue. Its precision makes it essential for patient treatment planning, as well as implant placement.

CBCT is used for complex cases such as:

  • Planning for the placement of a dental prosthesis like partial dentures, complete dentures, or dental implants
  • Planning for oral surgery in the case of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Jaw reconstruction
  • Diagnosing TMJ disorder


A Panoramic 2-D Full Mouth X-Ray is a single-exposure digital imaging system that offers dental technicians a complete picture of the entire mouth, including all parts of the teeth, lips, tongue, and gums. This imaging technique can be used to acquire diagnostic information about a patient’s oral health, including potential cavities or other dental problems. The image produced by a panoramic x-ray covers more area than traditional x-rays and allows for increased accuracy in diagnosis.


Clio x-ray sensors utilize SOTA Imaging’s EveryShot dental technology to capture high-quality diagnostic images that can detect cavities and other dental health problems. These intra-oral cameras have beveled corners that offer a comfortable experience for both adult patients and pediatric patients.

Benefits of intra-oral cameras include:

  • better resolution than traditional x-rays
  • much less radiation exposure for the patient
  • ability to zoom into parts of the image and to apply filters for enhanced diagnostics
  • ability to archive radiographs with no loss of image quality
  • ability to send a digital copy to insurance companies or referral partners

Piezotome Tooth Extractions

Piezotome Tooth Extractions are an advanced and minimally invasive technique for tooth extraction. This procedure uses specialized equipment, such as an ultrasonic piezoelectric device that vibrates at a very high frequency to loosen the tooth. The procedure makes tooth extraction quick and painless.

Piezotome tooth extractions offer many benefits over the traditional extraction methods:

  • decreases trauma to surrounding tissue
  • helps reduce post-operative discomfort
  • preserves bone structure
  • gives the patient better healing outcomes
PiezoTome Cube - Acteon
PiezoTome Cube - Acteon

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By accessing the latest dental technology, we can offer our patients treatment options that are less painful, more affordable, and quicker than dental treatments of the past, giving our patients an overall better experience when it comes to their dental health.

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